CLI tool for managing non-Steam games in Steam
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overcast is a tool for managing non-Steam games, known internally as "shortcuts", via the command-line. This tool is intended to be used with the Steam Deck, and support on other platforms should not be expected.

How to Use

The end goal is for overcast to be managed via a GUI. In the meantime, the info provided by overcast --help should get you started:

Usage: overcast <command> [<args>]

Manage non-Steam games

  --help            display usage information

  add               add a new shortcut
  list              list all shortcuts

Adding a new shortcut

When adding a new game, you are required to provide its name as will be shown in your Steam library, and the command to launch it.

overcast add -n "My Cool Game" \
    /home/flurry/Games/my_cool_game/ --fullscreen

You may also want to set the starting directory, since most Linux launcher scripts expect to be in the same directory.

overcast add -n "My Cool Game" \
    --start-dir /home/flurry/Games/my_cool_game \
    /home/flurry/Games/my_cool_game/ --fullscreen

Listing shortcuts

overcast list provides a quick list of the App IDs and names for all shortcuts you have. If you want more info, use the --verbose flag.