Static site build system for
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Static site build system for

Dependencies uses the following modules:

  • Cwd
  • File::Copy::Recursive
  • File::Path
  • File::Slurp
  • Text::FrontMatter::YAML
  • Text::MultiMarkdown
  • Text::Template uses the following modules:

  • Tie::File
  • Getopt::Std

How to use

Make an initial directory with the following structure:

  • site_dir/
    • posts/
    • pages/ - Templated pages
    • assets/ - Static assets
    • templates/ - Templates you can call with include_tmpl

Either clone this repository to site_dir/scripts/, or add this repository as a git submodule.

To make a new post, create a file with the following format in the posts/ folder:

title=Your blog title
desc=[Not yet implemented] Description for the RSS feed
This is some content.

## About this content
Markdown is supported.

There is no set schema for tags, so you can put whatever you want as a tag. However, it may not be used by the build script.

Once you're happy with your post, use the ptouch script to set the created tag:

$ ./scripts/ -n posts/your_new_post

And then compile the site:

$ ./scripts/

The site can then be pushed with rsync, sftp, netcat, etc.