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Cohost Userscripts

Various userscripts for Cohost. Requires a userscript manager, such as ViolentMonkey.

These are updated on an "as I have the energy to update them" basis, so I can't make any promises about their functionality. Feel free to send me an ask on Cohost or an email, although I might not respond.

About the Userscripts

winterify: Add a snowy background to your Cohost

That's it! The file is about 3KiB because I embedded a GIF in it. that's the snow flurry quality guarantee 😎

Cohost Following list tracker

Adds a little "unread" dot to users you're following who have unread posts in the Following page. Since I wanted to avoid making API calls for multiple reasons, there are a couple caveats:

  • If the script has never "seen" the user you're following before, it avoids putting a dot next to them. As a result, people who you newly followed or who weren't loaded into the list previously won't show an unread dot.
  • Detecting unread posts on refresh is liable to break if @staff sneezes in the "refresh" button's general direction.