Standalone cloud-init server
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minccino - Lightweight cloud-init server

Server application that provides cloud-init metadata via the nocloud-net provider. Uses the link-local IPv6 address for "authentication" by pulling MAC address information.


Only sqlite3 dev libraries are required for sea-orm.


Configuration is handled either via minccino.toml or MINCCINO_ environment variables. To use the API (required for managing instances), you'll need to generate an API key and relevant hash in the config file. To generate this, run:

minccino genkey

This outputs the API key and the relevant config snippet you'll need to add to minccino.toml for the key.

API Usage

All API endpoints require an X-API-Key header with the key generated above, and for the API client to be connected via localhost. \todo Allow overriding the latter requirement, if needed

\todo HTTP API endpoints/usage