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Tile Mangler

Tile Mangler is a multi-format, user-extensible graphics data editor that lets you create, view and edit graphics in arbitrary binary files, with a particular focus on binaries for game consoles.

It was originally developed SnowBro and later improved by Central MiB and Lab313. Mewster merged those changes and updates into the original source code and added some other improvements as well, which I used as a base to add UI improvements.

You can change the UI colors and icons theme in settings.xml.


v0.20 (by toruzz)

  • Native theme loading in Windows and Linux
  • New icon theme
  • Modified settings file to allow custom window colors
  • Added support for character files, 2bpp raw files and raw palette files
  • Splash screen removed

v0.19 (by Mewster)

  • Various undo/redo fixes
  • A selection application can be undone and redone
  • A paste can be undone and redone
  • Fixed the move undo/redo actions
  • No more silly “Undo/Redo encoding” messages

v0.18 (by Mewster)

  • Merged Central MiBs “Tile Molester Alternate 0.15a” and by Lab313s “Tile Molester Mod 0.17″ versions to the original SnowBros “Tile Molester 0.16″
  • Compatibility with Nintendo DS *.nds format
  • Now you can enter an hexadecimal value in Palette/Import From/This File/Offset field
  • Added a palette shifter near the palette viewer panel; you can choose the amount of pixel to shift (decimal values) (only with palettes loaded from the same file)

v0.17 - v0.17.2 (by Lab313)

  • Saves last opened dir (only through File/Open)
  • Compatibility with *.smd and *.bin Sega Genesis/Mega Drive/32x formats
  • Splash Screen showing time halved
  • Max number of tile expansion now is 1024 (was only 32 before)
  • Merging Central MiBs Tile Molester Alternate (0.15a) features:

v0.15a (by Central MiB)

  • Compatibility with *.pat and *.tpl palette files